Beautiful Meditations

We have talks by a variety of holy people, from priests to lay people who are doing beautiful things with their lives.

The Wilderness

We offer a period of wandering... time for you to spend alone with the Lord. Whether in the chapel or in nature, you are encouraged to spend some time in the desert.

Open Spaces

Our Spring Retreat is held at a local parish, one where you can have time to roam and spread out. The Fall Retreat is held at the extraordinary Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Timing is Everything

Our Spring Retreat is a day-long retreat, meant solely for rejuvenation and time with the Lord. Our Fall Retreat is a weekend-long retreat meant for fellowship and encounter; with Christ and each other.


The themes of our retreat reflect the season in which they are held, but also the Spirit which leads us there.

The Summit

Both retreats end with a two-hour long adoration. During which, Confessions and prayer team are available.



Our missions serve a variety of needs in the community; everything from yard work to words of encouragement through letters.

Where the Spirit Leads

We go where we are needed. We no longer work to provide for outside charities... instead we try to help those that even those that those charities cannot help.

Location, Location

We will go practically anywhere to help someone in need. We have painted in Canton, weeded in Canal Fulton, ripped up carpet in Cleveland and so many other things in so many other places.

Works of Mercy

Our missions are based on the Works of Mercy (both spiritual and corporal). We aim to be Christ to those that need Him most.

Where Charity Prevails

We strive to provide young adults the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ. 


With many of our missions, young adults are offered the opportunity to form friendships with fellow young adults that hold the same values and beliefs.


2 Hour Adoration

An extended adoration specifically designed for young adults.

Holy Inspiration

Offered by local priests to help you reflect on the season.

Prayerful Intercession

The local prayer team "Peter's Shadow" will be more than willing to pray over you for guidance.

In His Time

It is held every other month on a Friday evening for convenience.


Available throughout the entire event.

We Go Where He Goes

The events are hosted by different parishes all over the Diocese of Cleveland.

Fireside Chats

Lively Discussion

No matter the question... we promise a challenging and informative discussion amongst peers.

Holy Guidance

Our chats are directed by local priests.

Location, Location

They are held at "Brushwood Lodge", a cozy, cabin-like place that is conveniently located in Richfield, OH.

In His Time

It is held every other month on a Friday evening for convenience.


The discussion will be guided by a certain topic.


There are snacks provided and time allotted to grow in fellowship with other young adult Catholics.

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