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Some sacraments may be postponed all together - confirmations, first communions - and some may be take place but be celebrated at a later time. There will be weddings with empty churches that would have otherwise been full. Newlyweds will have been married for months by the time friends and extended family can gather to celebrate. Newly ordained priests will have to have small celebrations and begin their ministry at closed churches.


Today we pray for those who are mourning the difference between expectation and reality. We pray for the souls who are longing for deeper union with Christ in the sacraments yet to be received. 


Heavenly Father, be our comfort in this time of separation, when the sacraments look different for all of us, but in a special way send your Spirit to comfort those whose celebrations are postponed or will not be as planned. You are a God of celebration, lead us into the joy that comes only from You as we celebrate from afar.   

Challenge 2.png

This is a fun challenge - get creative! We all know someone whose celebration is being postponed and this is a fun way to honor those people - maybe even send them a picture of what you end up doing!

You could celebrate by wearing something fancy from your closet, like what you might wear to a wedding or First Communion. If you prefer a different celebration, you could bake a cake or some other celebratory treat; or make a sign and hang it up in your house.


The purpose is to remember those who are in the waiting or whose celebrations will not be as grand as they were planning. We will honor them and celebrate from a distance!