unITE Day 3.png

This includes people working or visiting in another country and cannot come back home at this time. For people who live far from their families and would love to be closer. For families whose adoption process has been halted because of quarantine and travel bans who are longing to finally unite with their children. For military personnel who are far from home and wishing they could be there to comfort their families. For the elderly in nursing homes who have suspended visits and for their families as they are missing each other. For all those isolated from their loved ones for whatever reason. 


Father, you have given us the gift of earthly families to reflect your love to us. For all those who are separated from their families, open their hearts and the hearts of those around them to become like family. Hold them in your loving embrace as they face loneliness and concern for their loved ones and bring about a swift reunion. For us who have the blessing to be with our families in this time, let us recognize the blessing and show each other patience and love.  

Challenge 3.png

After digging through our closets yesterday to find a celebratory outfit, it is time to clean it out! Use this as an opportunity to organize and maybe find some items to donate once we can leave our houses. Our lives outside the house have been simplified for us, now maybe it is time to do some inner simplifying.