unITE Day 4.png

We continue on this theme of changed plans, because so many people's plans were so drastically changed by this pandemic. Today we are praying for the people who won't go to prom, have a graduation ceremony, play that final game, give that last performance. We are praying for High School and college Seniors, athletes who trained for months, musicians and actors with hours of rehearsal behind them and students who worked endlessly on final projects.


People everywhere are seeing the fruits of their labors taken from them, they are missing the satisfaction of making it to the finish line.


Lord, help us to remember that you see all we do, big and small, and you rejoice with us. May our eyes be fixed on the ultimate goal: heavenly union with you, our Creator.   

Challenge 4.png

Make a homemade card (or a digital card) to send to someone whose accomplishment might be overlooked for news updates or forgotten in the chaos. It is so valuable to be told you are seen and that your accomplishment is recognized with pride. Today, let each of us offer that gift to another.