unITE Day 5.png

There are many experiences of loss right now; loss of a loved one, loss of security, loss of community, and many others. 


Life continues even in a pandemic. Loved ones are unexpectedly lost to illness and accidents. Security is lost as numerous businesses shut down, downsize and struggle to stay afloat. Community is lost as gatherings are prohibited, churches are closed and social distancing is practiced. There are many losses being experienced in this time of rapid change.


Lord, you are our strength. Bring comfort to those in mourning. Bring peace to those burdened with worry. Bring joy to those struggling without their communities. There is life with you and you provide for our needs. Lead us to deeper trust and open our eyes to the ways we can help those around us. 

Challenge 5.png

No media, no news, no scrolling - just for one hour. Fast from the inputs and distractions. Use this time for prayer, conversation with family or reflection. Connection and knowledge are good things, but they can become obsessions in times like these. Offer this fast for the intention above or for your own intention.