Joseph: An at-home retreat

"Joseph" is an at-home box retreat for you to do at your own pace. 

This retreat will come to you in a box for you to journey into deeper relationship with St. Joseph on your schedule. 

While this retreat is designed to be done at your own pace within the comfort of your home, it is divided into five parts based on titles of St. Joseph.

In the box we are including items to create a small prayer / devotional corner in your home. This is intended to help remind you of the retreat you are making and to give you a designated place to focus on prayer and reflection. 

You will also have small items related to each title of St. Joseph as well as access to digital content including videos, reflection questions, a daily examen guide and printable downloads. 

We believe making time to retreat with God is so important, but we know not everyone has the option of going to a designated place for a designated amount of time to do so. We hope this at-home retreat may be a source of growth and peace for you. 

Joseph: An at-home retreat



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