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Brooke lends us her gift of


Gifted with the ministry of The Ite Project through intense discernment, Brooke guides us to heal brokenness and to find beauty in a fallen world.  She seeks to lead others home to Christ and forever seeks the will of God for The Ite Project.  


Stephanie lends us her gift of


Her intuition and love of neighbor give Stephanie the ability serve others with humility.  Gifted with vision and clarity, she helps us grow into who we are called to be in Christ.


Vicki lends us her gift of

Fear of the Lord.

Vicki blesses us through music which directs our souls to our Lord .  Whether on retreat or at Adoremus,  the intimate environments she creates inspires.


Ashley lends us her gift of Knowledge.

Emphatic and loving, Ashley illuminates how much God loves us.  She often helps us to discern our options from the perspective of the Lord and helps us find our purpose.


Michael lends us his gift of


Michael's great reverence helps to organize important events like Adoremus or The Summit during our retreats.  The growth we experience through these events helps us grow in love of one another.

The people who give of their talents to bring the Kingdom come.

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