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Our Journey

Ite July 2020 Mass-16
Ite July 2020 Mass-30
Ite July Mission 2020-17
Join the Story Gala-1
Join the Story Gala-27
spes 9
Join the Story Gala-2
Ite Share and Do Good-28
Join the Story Gala-5
Ite Fireside Chat-3
Ite Work of Mercy-4
Ite Adoremus Feb 2020-11
Ite Adoremus Feb 2020-5
Ite Share and Do Good-34
Ite Share and Do Good-5
spes 10
spes 5
Misericordia Fall Retreat
pfeiffer 2
The New Has Come July 2018-5
The Old Has Passed Photo 2
miser 4
leadership 3
kenosis 13
Jeremy Merzweiler 2
Fireside Chats
Let Your Hands Be Strong
A Merrier World
The Fest 2018
The New Has Come
Clothing Drive 2018
Lift Up Your Fellow
Fireside Chats
Ite Roses 2018-13
Lift Up Your Fellow
Baby Shower
Fiat Retreat
Repairer of the Breach
ziegler 16
Clothing Drive
Bacon and the Mass
adoremus 1 4
we belong to the lord 1
Silentium Spring Retreat
Matthew 8:20
"Game On"
Here we go A-Waissaling
Helping Henriette
Clothing Drive 2016
Maggie's Place
Sharing Comfort
Being a Good Neighbor
Stewards of the Earth
Ite Goes Tridentine
Special Ops
Metanoia Spring Retreat 2016
Feed the Hungry
Comfort the Afflicted
Re(new) Fall Retreat 2015
Ite Special Ops August
Special Ops 1
Run, Baby, Run_edited
All You Need Is Love
Ite April Mission 1
Ite June Mission_edited_edited
Edited Image 2015-6-24-7:6:13
Misson Let Them Eat Cake
ite de paul 2
Dig It

Life with Christ is a wonderful adventure.

St. Pope John Paul II

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