October 3- 4, 2020

Refuge— a young adult retreat through the Psalms.


For thousands of years the Psalms have gently captured the movements of our human hearts: despair, hope, thanksgiving, lament, anger, peace. In the times we live, many of us have rocketed through all of these emotions and have struggled to articulate our experiences collectively.


Refuge is to an opportunity to help you sort through the emotional experiences of the last year and help you prepare for the year’s close by uncovering God’s love and refuge for you in the psalms.


This retreat was a beautiful weekend of prayer and community. 

We will soon be offering a Retreat-At-Home option with videos of the retreat talks and a retreat guide packet for you to go through at your own pace in your own home. This package is meant to allow for you to find some peace and solitude at home and in your timing. 

We will be updating this page and sending out an email when this Retreat-At-Home Package is available. 


A Catholic Young Adult Community serving the Body of Christ in the Diocese of Cleveland.  


Akron, Ohio


(330) 957 - 3306

Brooke Roberts - Mission Executive

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