Frequently Asked Questions

Ticket Questions

Why is there an online option to Join the Story this year?

The ITE Project has decided to offer a live-stream option to its gala because of the ongoing COVID 19 crisis.  We recognize and honor those who still want to participate in our community event, but are avoiding large gatherings this winter.  We are working diligently to give our best to this live-stream and include our friends at home as much as we can.

What is included with an in-person ticket?

An in-person ticket will include dinner, dessert, and physical viewing of the auction items.  Tickets are limited due to a change of venue based on COVID-19 restrictions.  Those who attend in person are expected to mask and maintain proper social distancing requirements.  Questions can be sent to  

What is included in the online ticket?

An online ticket will include a Welcome Packet the week of the gala.  This packet will include a $25 gift certificate for a restaurant.  It is our thought that you would use this to purchase and have delivered a dinner to your home that evening.  It will also include the materials handed out at the gala.  The morning of the auction, one of our team members will drop off your dessert at your door step for maximum freshness.  There will also be a virtual hostess available for you during the event to guide your experience and answer pertinent questions. We are also working to secure online-exclusive guests.  

**There will be one $25 gift certificate per online ticket purchased.  There isn't a requirement to purchase two tickets for at-home viewing of the auction.

Do I need to print a ticket if I am attending the auction in person?

No.  There will be a registration desk for you to check in upon your arrival.

Auction Questions

Is there a difference between the in-person auction and the online auction?

No.  Every ticket holder whether in person or online will participate in the auction through the online auction website.

The auction site was created by one of our own ITE members.  Everyone will be able to view pictures of the items and bid for items through this website.  Further, the online auction will open a few days before the gala for viewing and opening bids. For contactless payment, at auction close winners will be billed through Paypal.  Payment is expected at the close of auction. 

People who attend in-person will be able to physically view the items.  We are not allowing the items to be picked up due to COVID.  We will have a team member available to monitor this.  Winners who are physically present can take their items that night.

Those who will an item virtually will have their item hand-delivered or shipped based on the cost effectiveness of either measure.  This can be discussed the night of the auction via our online hostess.

How will the auction be conducted so that is fair to both physical and virtual attendance?

The auction will be conducted through an online website for both in-person guests and online guests.  All opportunities to donate will be made possible through the website.

Is a silent auction the only way to give?

No.  When the auction site goes live, you will see additional opportunities to give.  For example, you can opt to pay for a confessor for one event, sponsor the food for one event, pay a rental fee for ITE, or sponsor one of the service projects.

You can also donate anytime through out website.  Simply click the 'donate' button on the homepage.

What items are available for auction?

At this time, we have an original, hand-painted icon from Carly Smith and an adorable yarn 'barnyard' for a child to play with created by Maria Carroll.  We also anticipate having several more pencil drawings of saints from Jason Roberts , a videography package from McNeill Cinema, a photography package from Jemily Photography and more.

Other Common Questions

What is the dress code for this event?

The dress code is "Sunday Best."

How are the proceeds from this event used?

Proceeds are used to fund our fiscal year from our most pressing needs to our least.  Our budget is voted on by our Board of Directors and our Board Treasurer oversees all major purchases.

If you wish your donation to be applied in a specific way, this can be accommodated.  For example, if you wish your donation to go towards our service projects (Works of Mercy), we can do this.

I cannot come to the event.  Can I still donate?

Absolutely.  You can always make donations through our website.  Simply press the 'donate' tab.  Our deepest gratitude follows you.