Join The Story 

Join The Story is an annual benefit dinner which supports the work of The ITE Project in the Diocese of Cleveland.


The ITE Project is a young adult community which gathers and promotes the networking of young adults between local parishes and groups by hosting retreats, service projects, faith formation activities and social events. Most of these events have substantial costs.  However, there is no membership fee to join The ITE Project nor fees associated with attending events because we understand the expenses of young adulthood. There is a nominal cost associated with attending retreats for those who can afford it-- however, our retreats are often more expensive to run than the money collected.  To offset all of these expenses, The ITE Project relies on the generosity of its donors.  

These costs include but are not limited to:  service projects (average cost $250 per project), retreats ($7,200 in 2019), expenses for formative events like Fireside Chats/Adoremus, ($1,250 annually), photographer and videographer costs (approximately $2,000 annually), liability insurance, website costs, social media promotions, and service fees paid for accepting credit cards ($3,000 annually) as well as small stipends to some Leadership members for the hours they spend in promotion and development ($2,065 in 2019).    

The generosity of our donors at the Join the Story Gala in 2019  funded our expenses for one third of our fiscal year. 

We are so very grateful.

Our goal for this particular Join the Story Gala is to raise enough money to both fully fund our year ($30,000 in 2019) and to hire a paid, professional staff to help The ITE project expand its influence and scope within the diocese (approximately $20,000 shared among teams).  Our goal for the 2020 is $50,000.  We understand that with the difficulties COVID has presented to our culture in the last year that we are seeking a lofty goal, but we also know that our God is greater than any ailment and faithful to those who seek Him in truth.

Our deepest desire is for ITE to be more accessible to the restless hearts seeking Him.


We humbly ask you to Join the Story this night in whatever manner is most comfortable to you and learn more about The ITE Project and its beacon of hope and light for 2021.