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They say your belief in something is real when you ‘put your money where your mouth is.’  

Well, the generous donors who support The ITE Project really really believe in ITE and its mission in the diocese of Cleveland.


ITE is honored to receive $17,000 in matching donations for its 2021 Join the Story Gala.  This means that whatever you are called to share with us is automatically doubled in generosity and hope.  By sowing into this apostolate, you are keeping events free for young adults to join us whenever and wherever they are in their journey.  Young adults are more likely to come to events they don’t have to pay for and ITE events are unlike any other.


ITE events look like fireside chats with priests about challenging topics.  ITE events look like two hours of silence in front of the Blessed Sacrament.  ITE events look like social justice projects in local communities.  ITE events look like community building and networking young adults across the diocese in the same hope and salvation of Jesus Christ.

Join us in making a marked difference on eternity. 


Click the button below and note your donation as “Join the Story Match'' 

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