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Day 5:

Death and Resurrection of Our Own Joy

Reflection from Fr. Matthew Pfeiffer

Reflection by Stephanie

In the most trying times, it can sometimes be extremely difficult to be hopeful.  Other times, hope is all that we have. Psalm 42 talks about sighing and being downcast among surrounding joy and praises.  How many times do we let our troubles cry louder than our praises? I know, for me, I usually have to TRY to sing praises and make conscious decisions not to let moping rule my day when I may be down.


Focusing on being grateful helps, serving others is even better. When I find myself being selfish, I am usually not happy.  When I am helping others, serving and bringing joy to others is when I find the most joy. Finding joy in the death of a dream can be a test of our faith, our ability to focus on good and our ability to live life to the fullest despite our disappointments.God has shown me so much love and grace for years to prepare me for the path he planned for our family.  The resurrection of my joy has been beautiful, though the trials that put my original dream to rest were difficult. Sometimes seemingly unbearable. It has brought me closer to Christ, more dependent on Him, and it has helped me to make choices that will benefit others more than myself. I am not perfect in any way, but I do see my personal growth as a rebirth of joy, as the person God needs me to be now with gaining vision of what the future may hold.


It resonated in me when Fr. Pfeiffer spoke of how much dying we still have to do to have our Easter.  It is scary, honestly, to imagine giving more when some days we give so much, though I know I have more to give.  It has been on my heart to look at my life as the Father’s, rather than my own. It is not comfortable, it is not always exciting, but with it comes hope for the ultimate resurrection of my heart as a child of God.


Think-About Questions

A few questions to ponder in your mind, in your prayer or in your journal.

Dying to self seems too difficult most times, especially in a world where ego rules.  In what area of your life can you be more selfless? How will that show God’s glory?


Would you take the place of someone struggling more than you are now, like Maximillian Kolbe took the place of the man with a family in Auschwitz? What would hold you back?


Have you ever had a dream die then be resurrected in a way you could not imagine? Were you able to thank God throughout the death AND resurrection of the dream?


How have you shown Christ to others through quarantine? Can you make it a habit beyond the times of quarantine?


Do you stretch yourself to bless others more than receiving blessings yourself?

A Song for your Soul

I Shall Not Want

A Friend to Walk With

St. Maximilion Kolbe

Closing Prayer

Heavenly Father, 

By your death and resurrection, we are given new life.  

We pray that you fill us with your Spirit 

To guide us so that we may believe in resurrection in our own lives 

And to share the joy of that hope, the joy of giving of ourselves so completely

To encounter the purest and most glorious Easter with you in Heaven

May you resurrect our dreams, hopes, love, and peace in ways that can only be yours.


Saint Maximilian Kolbe, martyr and priest, pray for us.



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